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We have collected some of the most popular questions below and got our pros to give their expert replies. 

How much does it cost for a locksmith?

The prices vary from one company to another. Some charge up to $250 for their services on weekend and holidays. Locksmiths might charge up to $4 for a duplicate key and the fee for a special key might go up to $20. You can also minimize your charges by rekeying instead of replacing your locks. You have to research and find reliable and affordable local locksmith. We are one of the locksmiths offering affordable solutions at low cost. Call us now for details.

Can you make copies of all keys?

We are fully trained and experienced in making copies of all keys. There are, however “Do Not Duplicate” key restricted for copying by the law. Locksmith can determine whether the key can be legally copied or the duplication of the key is actually illegal in your area.

How do you open a locked door?

If you are locked out of your house, it is advisable not to stick your credit card between the frames and wiggle it. In most cases, this results in broken credit card and still very locked entrance door. Call emergency locksmith services to get your door opened without damaging your lock, your door and your credit card.

Can you make a copy of a lock key?

Yes. We can easily duplicate a key for you at affordable cost. We can also provide master key for you to unlock all the doors with just one key.

Can you make a replacement key for a car?

If you lost your car keys, the car dealer might take time and cost a fortune to supply you with the new key. This is a good reason to call a locksmith for a cheaper and immediate solution.

What is high security key?

This type of key restricts creation, distribution and cutting of the key, meaning that you receive much better security for your doors.

Can you make one key for all the locks?

Yes. We can fit new locks for you and create a master key to unlock all the locks for you.

I am moving into a new apartment. Should I change the locks?

Yes, it is advisable to change or rekey all the locks because you cannot be completely sure who had and still has copies of your keys.

Can I install the lock myself instead of calling a locksmith?

Installing locks requires proper training and tools. To take a full advantage of your lock potential and secure your house, it is necessary to make things right from the start. Youtube videos might give you some sense of knowledge about locks, but it is not even close to the skills our locksmiths have. It is always advisable to call a trained professional and get the job done for you efficiently and at affordable prices.

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