Locked Out Vancouver

We make our clients happy, because we are one of the top professional locksmiths in the area that can unlock door for you in the matter of minutes. We have the right training, years of experience and most advanced tools and equipment to make the job done without damaging your property in any way.

We get calls daily about damaged lock. Maybe one of your neighbors are not happy with you, or there was a break in attempt. We also get calls about broken key in the lock. This happens more than you can imagine. And another popular service we provide is the solution for lost keys.

If you have found yourself locked out of your house or apartment, we do not ask why it happened, we do not need to know the details, but what we can do is to get you back inside. 24Seven Locksmith can do the job done without damaging the door or the lock. Of course, there are cases, where both doors or lock cannot be repaired or picked, but it is a very small percentage. 

If you happen to get locked out of your home by whatever means, you can trust Mr. Locksmith to get you back in. In 95% of cases we can get you in without damage to the door or lock.

We always attempt to pick the lock first, no matter how difficult it may seem

Our technicians are trained well to attempt to pick the lock in order to open the door. This is the best option because both lock and door do not get damaged in the process. If you search for true experts at picking every type of lock, you have found the right team to do it. We do out best to open your door and we are well prepared to any type of surprises. On top of that, we offer affordable prices compared to other service providers in the area.

What will you do if the lock cannot be picked?

There is a small chance that the lock turns out to be unpickable. In case you have pick resistant lock, our technicians will drill the lock in order to open it without causing damage to the door itself.

What happens if my lock is damaged?

In the situation when the lock or door suffered any type of damage, our technicians are trained to repair or reinstall it for you right away.

Our trained team comes with wide range of lock sets for you to choose from. There are cheap options and high security lock sets. We can install or replace any kind of lock for you in the matter of minutes.

If you aren't sure whether your key was lost or stolen, it makes sense to rekey the locks to make your doors open with a new set of locks, hence minimize the possibility of a unwanted break-in.

We come with a mobile locksmith van with all the necessary tools and equipment to repair the issue and return the security level to your residential home and to your family. We make sure that you are satisfied with the results.

Our 24/7 emergency mobile service is ready to dispatch a expert locksmith to your location any time of the day, any day of the week. We are available at your service around the year.