Cannot unlock Mailbox Lock? Want to change to new Mailbox Keys? Is the lock broken and you need help fixing it? Replacing mailbox locks and solving lockouts is one of our popular daily services and we can help you instantly if you need mailbox lock key, key duplication or new Mailbox Lock. 


Mailbox Locks Vancouver

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We can not only fix an install, but also perform mailbox lock re-key for you on the spot to increase your protection and personal information from prying eyes.  

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When you think about it, invasion of privacy is not only the house break in. Your mailbox is equally vulnerable to give away personal information to unwanted strangers and used for various purposes, such as, for example, identity theft. Broken mailbox is minimizing your overall security an must be dealt with right away. 

Save yourself from a lot of headache and worry by maintaining your mailbox lock and keeping the vital information private. If you cannot unlock it 

Changing your mailbox lock is not only useful when it breaks or you loose the key, but also can be crucial necessity against possible criminals and identity thieves. The locks of most mailboxes are not too complicated and changing it should take just couple of minutes of your time. Your local residential locksmith can easily remove and replace the existing lock with a new one. In case you lost the keys and lockout of your mailbox, we can provide fast pick a lock service and return the access to your personal letters into your hands with a new set of keys.

Do you know who has access to your mailbox? Are you the only one with the keys or there are others who can unlock it any time you are not around? In the ideal world, mailbox locks should be replaced with the new tenant in case the house is rented or the keys are lost. However, most house owners do not change anything for the new renting family and your safety is your own responsibility.

Our technicians get mailbox lockout calls daily and can unlock it with ease and provide other advanced locksmith services on the spot. You do not have to buy anything in the hardware store prior our arrival - our team comes prepared and has the right tools and products to give you the best service possible in our area day or night. Changing mailbox lock is easy and is the matter of minutes. With the new set of keys, you can relax and feel much more secured.

Are your keys lost? Do not worry, we have a perfect solution for you with the right tools and equipment. Our technicians can replace the lock of your mailbox for low fee compared to other companies in the area.  Satisfaction guaranteed because we are top company for a job like this!