vancouver home locksmiths service

Our Locksmith Vancouver Offers a wide range of residential services to assist home owners and assure the security of their homes and apartments.

Residential locksmith services we deliver are:

House Lockout

Spare Key Needed. We can respond to your emergency call for lockout, broken locks, lost keys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available even on holidays.

Rekey Home Locks

You need to change the locks because you don’t want the old key do be able to unlock the door. How about an easier and much quicker way – rekey the locks. You can easily set your whole house to one key (master key system), or rekey your locks to several new keys. This is the only way you can be 100% sure that no one else has keys to your house and your family is secure.

Call to Rekey Locks in your House 778-9573219

Repair Locks

. Most locks can be quickly repaired instead of replaced. If you have several broken locks, it is definitely much more effective to fix them rather than spend money on new ones. Our mobile locksmiths can come over to your door steps and fixes the locks in no time.

Upgrade to your Home Security

Our locksmiths have wide selection of security locks and exclusive keys at the affordable prices. You must check whether your lock protect you from an intruder. We can upgrade your lock, install deadbolts, add variety of security devices to the door knobs that will stop any burglar from getting in. We can also install keyless and digital entrance locks for your house. Call our locksmith for consultation today.

Other popular Services provided by our Vancouver Locksmiths are:

Installation of new Lock Sets around the house and apartment

High security locks and safes for your family

Padlocks on any door, including entrance

Windows security with special locks to keep the burglar out

Unlock any types of safes

Bump Proof Locks

Pick any kind of locks, including Pick Proof Locks

Mailbox locks replacement

– we can easily deal with any kind of mailbox lock, install, repair and replace. It takes less than 15 minutes to unlock or repair your mailbox lock and solve the problem.

Security Evaluation

You already know that home break ins are becoming disturbingly common. In Vancouver alone, theft, home invasion and violence is on the rise. Did you protect your home and family from dangers? Call us today for expert consultation about home security protection solutions for you and your loved ones.

We can install any types of security measures for your home. We can easily assess the current vulnerabilities of your house and consult you about the solutions and the process about upgrading your home protection and keep your family and valuables safe.

Looking for professional, fast and low cost residential locksmith?

We offer mobile locksmiths stand by to assist you at any remote location you are at, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get in touch with our phone operators and ask for accurate estimate for the security installation at your house. Call us today at 778-9573219.