24 Seven Locksmith Vancouver brings you various selection of residential services to assist our community homeowners in key and lock, security and safety troubles at homes, apartments, garages, storage and offices.

Residential locksmith services we deal with every day are:

 Vancouver residential locksmith services

  • Locked out? Need Keys? – Do not worry yourself too much if you locked yourself out of your own place. We can help out really fast and get you back inside. We also assist with broken lock, lost keys and other unfortunate predicament. Our advanced mobile locksmiths are ready to take your call and come to your location within 20 minutes. We are available every day of the week, day and night, 24/7.
  • Rekey Your Home – Most of our clients are not aware of this option at all. Most of us just change the locks when a new key is needed. However, in fact, there is a much quicker, easier and cheaper solution called Rekying. The skilled professional knows how to take the lock apart and reset the tumbler pins inside of it to match the new set of keys. You can actually set one key to work with all the doors in your house, or you can work out more complicated master key system if you so require. Get proper consultation from our experienced technicians to find the right solution to your house needs. Just keep in mind that rekeying your locks is one of the ways to make sure to secure your doors from unwanted visitors. If you are not sure how many copies of your current key is roaming around - it is time to find solutions and bring the security back to your family and your personal items.
  • Lock Repair – Not all broken locks are hopeless and need to be changed. In a lot of situations the lock can actually be repaired pretty fast. So instead of rushing and buying a new set of locks, and then breaking your head over changing the locks, have your local mobile locksmiths come over and fix it for you. Repairing lock is much cheaper than any of the things mentioned above put together. And in the worst case scenario, where the lock cannot be repaired, we come fully equipped to provide you with the high quality products.
  • Upgrade Your Home Locks to High Security – Do not wait until the break-in to assess your current security situation around the house. There are so many types of new locks in the market and the industry is constantly moving forward with advanced innovations. It is important to be one step forward from the burglars by refreshing and installing new types of high grade door locks and even consider high security exclusive key systems. There are many ways to make your home more secured with using, for example, deadbolt. If you have cheap lock installed and it has been in use for years and years, it is advisable to check other options and upgrade to latest lock. You can also install door knobs, security plates and other means of security to keep the intruders away from your doors. Give us a call for a free consultation about any type of locksmiths questions you might have, including keyless door locks, and phone app locks for your home!

Extra Services we offer our clients:

  • new Lock Sets Installation 
  • High security lock & safes
  • Padlock Installment
  • Windows lock Repair or Installation
  • Bump Proof Locks
  • Pick Proof Locks
  • Drill Proof Locks
  • Mailbox locks replacement or repair
  • Garage door locks
  • Sliding doors lock solutions
  • and much more

Security Assessment by Skilled and Certified Staff

Home crime is only going up and unfortunately every neighborhood is effected on a daily basis. Are you and your family's home well secured against the intruders? Let us help you find the weak spots in your house security and suggest possible solutions to keep strangers way from your personal world.

Our certified professionals can figure out the pitfalls in your home security and assemble a proper security measures for your current vulnerabilities. It is our job to explain your options so you can easily make proper choices based on your needs an budget.

Searching for trustworthy and affordable residential locksmith near you?

Our skilled and experienced mobile locksmiths can be dispatched to your location right now and we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any type of problems.

Give us a call today and we will make sure to consult you and provide you with price estimate without hidden fees and surprises. We do out job properly and respect each and every client that calls us in. Your security is our motto.